Meet Our Healer Sara Haynes

Emerging Hope Counseling Services

My name is Sara Haynes, I am a Marriage and Family Therapist, Sex Therapist, and Individual Therapist. After recently moving back to Canada from almost 20 years living in the United States, I have just opened my private practice here in Brandon. I am so excited to be offering my services to individuals, families, couples, and those in all types of relationships in the Brandon and Westman area! 

About Emerging Hope Counseling Services


There are times in our lives where we all need a little assistance through the difficulties that come our way. I am here to be with you in those times as a coach, cheerleader, resource, and most importantly a non-biased and nonjudgmental confidant. Whether there is something in particular bringing you in or you are working on personal growth in your journey of life, I can assist you in many ways. I work from a systemic perspective, in which I see relationships with others – be it friend, family, chosen family, or romantic partnerships – as one of the most influential aspects throughout our lives. For the good (and the perhaps not so good), we cannot get away from relationships with others. Whether you are interested or even just curious about individual therapy, relationship, or family therapy please contact me by phone or email with any questions or to book an appointment. I look forward to working in this great community!! 

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Meet Our Healer-Gary

Gary Moore-Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner, Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner

 "You are the most influential person you will talk to today."-Zig Ziglar 


My path with BodyTalk began when Robin asked if I would like to experience a treatment and at first I opted not to jump at her invitation - I mean after I thought I was healthy!  Isn't this stuff for those who are sick and looking for an alternative to the methods of western medicine?  Boy was I wrong....shhh - don't tell Robin that!!
And so finally, the following month I decided to receive a treatment and instantly, I noticed changed in the physiology of my body within minutes of that treatment; I had become more relaxed, less emotional tense in my abdomen and upper body.  Having these changes occur to my body so quickly intrigued me and so I did some research referencing a book called messages from the body.  From that book I learned that the changes in our body are reflective of the changes which are occurring around us.  For example, my son suffered from terrible migraines which was ultimately linked to his relationship with his mother, post-divorce.

Through forethought, knowledge and treatment - using BodyTalk techniques on symptoms such as migraines can release the tension built up from the stress which is forming in and around your body.  The results you experience of being much healthier, happier, and wiser are my target with each BodyTalk Session.

Contact me today and let's get you started on your journey of wellness.

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Appointments available Wednesday and Friday Afternoons and weekends.  And select Mondays.

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Phone: 204-724-0938


Meet Our Healer-Julie

Julie Northam-JMA

Muscle Activation Technique, Access Consciousness Bars & Body Processes

Muscle Activation Technique is a dynamic approach to addressing muscular imbalances, that can reduce or eliminate pain and fatigue, and speed muscle recovery.


Ph: 204-868-5253  (call or text)




Certified Muscle Activation Technique Specilaist, Can-fit Pro certified Personal Trainer
Certified Muscle Activation Technique Specilaist, Can-fit Pro certified Personal Trainer

Meet Our Healer-Ailsa

Ailsa Groulx MacLean-Reiki Healer

Cleanse Your Mind Body and Spirit -

Reiki Healing with Ailsa at Inspire You Studio.  

Sessions by Appointment

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Meet Our Healer-Carisa

Carisa Hudson-Laser Technician

Carisa offers many different sessions using a soft laser on different accupresure points.  Each session is almost one hour.  Stop smoking sessions are ones that I do the most.  It has a 85-94% success rate.  We also do weight loss, drugs/alcohol, stress, insomnia sessions to name a few.

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Meet Our Healer-Janice

Janice Louden-Reiki & Access Bars Sessions


Reiki is working with energy. Everything has energy but it’s the energy flow for me that defines Reiki. The energy that flows in a session can be relaxing, comforting or help to heal an injury. Reiki works on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – and therefore heals on all levels. Physical ailments are often symptoms of problems in the emotional, mental and spiritual selves. Addressing these problems aids physical healing. It’s also a healthy and natural way of dealing with stress and tension in your body.
What could a Reiki session help you with?

Access Bars, simply put, is a way of deleting old files. Those old files are old beliefs, thoughts and judgments which are no longer needed. There are 32 points on the head that when they are touched, can release those things that have been taking up space and weighing us down. We are left feeling relaxed and I find that I am clearer in thought after a Bars session.  When did you last ‘clean house’ in your head?
​I discovered Reiki and Access Bars when I was looking for ways to better help deal with my own anxiety, stress and some PTSD that stemmed from a previous line of work. What I found was that and more. A bonus is that I can help others with them as well. My card reading is something that I’ve done for myself and some friends for a number of years.

 Mother Nature is a healer one of her most powerful gifts comes in the form of  flowers.  Every flower has energy and that energy can help us to heal.  Flower  Therapy offers a session that enlists the aid of flowers to help with those  energies.  Sessions can assist with specific concerns, chakra work, aura work or  a general session.


 Raindrop  Therapy is all about relaxing.  The session involves certain essential oils  drizzled down your spine and onto your feet, then lightly massaged in.  This is  one of my own favorites, so I decided to learn the technique myself in order to  be able to share it with others.
When  did you last fully relax?

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or call me at 204-570-0711 to book an appointment.


Meet Our Healer-Randi

Randi Fingas-Doula & Prenatal & Postpartum Classes

Offering services for deliveries in All Central Manitoba Birth Centres.  Home visits before and delivery.  Treatment options for stress and illness.  Family Care Options.  Personal health Products.  

Specializing in post traumatic births, fertility concerns and postpartum mental health.

Enter your birthing space informed and with continuous support.  Have pre-school aged children?  Let's have a play date session at the same time!  With flexible hours and years of training

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